Aluminum Flashing and Eaves

Our team at Advanced Roof Solutions is proud to provide you with Custom Aluminum Flashing and Eaves Trough installation. We install all lengths and sizes of Eaves Trough as well as Window, Doors and Garage Cladding.

Old or damaged chimney flashing is a common cause of leaks in your roof. Advanced ROOF Solutions removes the old flashing and installs new aluminum flashing stopping the leaks and adding to the pleasing appearance of your home. Drainage problems in your eaves trough can cause water to become trapped and overflow. In the winter months this will create large ice dams and can loosen the attachment of your eaves through.

We will remove any damaged Eaves Trough or Flashing and replace it with your choice of new colours and will also ensure your Eaves Troughs are clean and free of any debris.

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